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Coastal Hallway Runners

Love beach? Of course we all do! Although you cannot take the beach home with you, our coastal hallway rugs can help you recreate its ambience at home. The coastal style represent the calm and serenity of the sea and emphasise the earthy tones in an indoor setting. They make you feel calm and collected, allowing you to create your personal sanctuary.

We provide various hallway runners by colour in greynavy, silver, black and other earthy colours to provide your home with that calm coastal look you desire. Moreover, there are multiple designs, such as sea motifs and symbols, waves to represent water motion; these patterned rugs are much more resistant to damage than plain ones. They are fare well in all types of weather in Australia.


Coastal Hallway Runners

Charmmer 664 Lt.Grey Hallway Runner


Coastal Hallway Runners

Moona 02 Grey Hallway Runner