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Country Rugs

Perfect blend of rustic appeal and superb comfort, country rugs are part of a long-standing living trend that has been used to decorate our floors for many years. Country-style furnishings, such as rugs and hallway runners, have been around since the 18th century and continue to add soothing colours and flowery patterns to our homes. Subtle beige, clean white, and warm pastel colours, inspired by nature, provide a sense of calm and harmony in any space and may match any type of wooden furniture. It can bring a room together, whether it’s to lighten it, enrich your décor, or provide a welcoming touch.

Rug Sanctum offers exclusive Country rugs adorned with modern elements, drawing inspiration from classic designs such as exquisite borders and delicate tendril patterns. This helps to assure relaxation and enjoyment by creating an enticing, pleasant atmosphere in every space. Our traditional rugs are also popular in terms of design, as their classic look nicely reflects the rural style’s traditional origins. This charming design gives country-style carpets their ageless character, allowing them to be mixed and matched with current living styles without losing their nostalgic appeal. Wool rugs, jute rugs, cotton rugs, silk rugs, and more are all available in various designs and styles.