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Wool Rugs

The wool rug forms some of our most popular ones and sell the best! They are loved by people everywhere in Australia and globally due to their durability; they are made of the best material and are long-lasting. Moreover, heavy furniture doesn’t leave any indents in wool rugs because of their heavy density. They are also easy to clean if you spill some liquid on them. 

Apart from the premium quality durability, they are also extremely versatile. We offer rugs in hand woven patterns, geometric, tile design, and more, so you can choose those best suited for your home. However, the best part about our wool rugs is their luxurious feel! They feel and even look better than synthetic ones and are so dense that your flooring is protected from any mishaps. They also come in numerous colours, such as beige, light grey, dark grey, charcoal, white, and multi-colour. These neutral tones are perfect for helping you amp up the look of any indoor space in moments! The result is classy and luxurious.